Domus is the Latin root word for home. Domus represents the many homes we might live in throughout our life and the one home we all live on: Planet Earth. We may live in multiple apartments, houses, dorm rooms etc. but it’s all here on planet earth. We may move from state to state or stay in one city or our entire life, but we all have one thing in common. Domus wants to help share with you what we’ve learned about sustainable alternatives to help preserve all of our home. 

Domus provides property management companies, real estate firms, and agents with move-in gifts for tenants/homeowners. We realize that as a real estate agent and property manager there are a lot of moving pieces in your everyday business, so we would like to take the work of providing a new home gift off of your plate! Domus curates thoughtful tote bags filled with eco-friendly, essential products that your clients will need in their first hours/days of move-in. We highlight small businesses in our bag: it’s a way for the consumer to sample some everyday products that are better for the environment. You also get introduced to some exciting small businesses and help them to market to a new set of clients!  All bags come pre-packed for you, and we recommend adding your own personal touch to each tote by shopping locally in your city or town!

When it comes to sustainability, no one is perfect including us! But our hope is that we can highlight some of the environmentally friendly options that exist through the different products we include in the tote.  While your tenants/homeowners are making a big life change with their new home, they may be willing to make other smaller sustainable changes once they use some of the items!

Hi, I'm Ali.


Ali is the founder Domus. The idea for the business originated during the COVID-19 pandemic, while she was moving into a new studio apartment. Upon here move-in, she received another welcome gift from her apartment complex that was filled with items she didn’t really need. After moving to several different apartments over a span of ten years, she realized all the waste that was accumulating from each move, so she began researching different ways to use more eco-friendly options for everyday household items. Throughout this process she realized all the options available and wanted to help create a system for others to learn & experience what was out there. This ultimately led to the creation of Domus!

Hi, I'm Amy

Chief of Operations

Amy oversees all things pertaining to our operations, including shipping receiving & sourcing local suppliers. She is extremely creative and always ready to roll up her sleeves to help with whatever task we may need to accomplish as a small business. She has a green thumb and can give you a great recipe for zucchini bread or tip for homemade sauce. All the vegetables you see from the farm are thanks to her hard work.

P.S. This only photo we could snag of her!

Hi, I'm Jess.

Chief Branding Officer

What doesn’t Jess do! Jess supports all Branding and Marketing that we do here at Domus. She was instrumental in designing our logo and curates our brand/sales strategy. She has the liveliest apartment plants you will ever see and can make a mean spicy margarita! Jess also is a talented artist and if we are lucky enough, we may be able to add her original figure drawing art to our Domus site in the future.